Cooking Lessons

Vegan cooking classes here in my kitchen. 

The day before Lockdown started I was making a schedule for vegan cooking lessons.

Ok I should probably explain how this came about.

I decided to teach these cooking classes because accidentally became vegan at the end of 2018. Truly this was not expected. I used to make all the typical chef jokes about these inconvenient vegans who would require special food at events I catered. 

Well, I was testing lots of vegan recipes to try and add some better options to my menus. I started to enjoy what I was cooking. Out of curiosity I conducted various experiments – first being vegan for three days, then a week, then a month. So far I have not felt the need to go back to eating meat or dairy.

Vegan Cooking Lessons

Puy lentil, tomato and courgette salad

These cooking lessons are for anyone who is veg-curious.

A lot of people are curious about eating fewer animal products at the moment but it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start.

It was relatively easy for me because I am a cook but even with all my skills and experience it was a learning curve.

Now though, I am back to where I started in terms of how easy it is for me to eat well all day every day.

I have learned how to eat healthier and more sustainably in a way that is 

  • Not scary 
  • Not boring 
  • Very delicious
  • Not exhausting

Vegan cooking lessons

Double chocolate cookies with crunchy peanut butter

Vegan cooking lessons

Buillon greens and carrots with cannellini beans and rapeseed oil mash

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Until then – follow me on Instagram to see what I cook and eat at home. All delicious and nothing weird, I promise.