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Lemony Lentil and Courgette Salad

Lemony lentil and courgette salad Another one of my favourite ways to use all the courgettes we’ve got in the garden at the moment.  Homegrown courgettes do have more flavour and a denser texture than shop bought ones but this was of cooking them really works well and will be good with either source of courgette. Puy Lentils Official ‘Puy” […]

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Recipe: Courgette Soda Bread

  Courgette bread because we’ve got a lot of courgettes flying out of the garden here at the moment.  I know many courgettes tend to end up in the fridge drawer graveyard so this is a great way of using them up if you’re uninspired to eat them any other way. Nutritional yeast give it it’s cheesy flavour. If you’ve […]

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