Answers to some typical queries about my catering service:

Will you bring the plates/cutlery/glasses?

No. Crockery and equipment hire is a specialised service in itself. I recommend the excellent Selecthire for this.

I don’t know what kind of menu I want, can you help?

Give me a call or send an email. Let me know the date of your event and an estimated number of guests – include as much info as you can, it all helps. I will send you some menus to get the ball rolling. After that I can visit your house or party venue to discuss all the possibilities and arrangements. You can also view some of my previous menus Here and look at pictures Here

Can you cater for people who have allergies or special dietary requirements?

Yes. Just let me know in advance and I am happy to cater for any and every requirement.

How much is it going to cost?

I give a ‘per person’ price for each course so you can easily see how the total figure will be calculated. Once you have chosen your menu and confirmed your number of guests you will know the total price. If you are on a budget just let me know how much you want to spend and I will advise on the most economical menu to suit your price range.

Does the food arrive already hot?

No! I do the majority of prep and cooking in my kitchen the day before your party. On the day I transport the food in my refrigerated van. I arrive a few hours before your guests to get unpacked, set up and do the final cooking on site.

Do you provide service staff?

Yes. Depending on your menu/number of guests/layout of your venue I will advise on the number of service staff and their responsibilities. As well as being utterly charming and beautifully turned out my trusted group of waiting staff are unflappable and able to adapt to any situation.

What exactly do the service staff do?

As much or as little as you would like. Usually their responsibilities include setting up the dining and service area, serving drinks and canapés, taking coats, serving at the buffet or table, making tea and coffee, clearing, packing, cleaning and tidying.

Do you charge corkage?


Can I just get the food from you and do the rest myself?

Yes of course. I can drop off the whole feast with instructions for heating and serving.

Do you make wedding cakes?