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Choose from the menu or create something all your own.

We love taking your suggestions and hearing your ideas so that we can make a menu which is ideal for your taste and your event. We love being creative in the kitchen and are positive that catered food doesn’t have to be boring or mass produced. We’ve made West Indian curry goat from grandma’s recipe and Ukranian perogies for a wedding in Tinahealy!

Email or call – we can send you menus with lots of choices and pricing options.

Below are some examples of how previous clients have put together menus with a combination of our ideas and theirs . Click on the menus to enlarge the images and scroll through the gallery.

13th August Dropoff

Buffet Main Course

Seafood platter of roast salmon, crab claws, prawns and mussels with saffron mayonaise
Slow cooked pork belly with cinnamon and pomegranate
Petit pois & spinach salad with feta, honey & mustart dressing
Crunchy slaw of red cabbage, celeriac & radish with yoghurt and herb dressing
Heritage tomato salad with basil
Potato salad, creme fraîche, dill and red onion dressing

Summer berry and lemon curd meringue tower
Flourless chocolate mousse cake with Bailey's cream
Berry compote

21st May First Communion for 30 Guests

Sweet and spiced lamb tagine
Roast chicken in white wine, creme fraîche and tarragon sauce
Mint and coriander couscous with pistachios
Steamed new potatoes with herb butter
Char grilled broccoli with chilli and garlic
Carrot and beetroot slaw with ginger dressing, pecans and dill

Flourless chocolate mousse cake
Summer berry meringue tower with mascarpone cream
Orange blossom berry compote
Tea & coffee

24th August Dropoff for 60 Guests

Lamb koftas with roasted red pepper tomato and coriander sauce
Tuscan style lemon chicken with green olives and thyme
Green bean and courgette salad with horseradish and pine nuts
Cucumber and heritage tomato salad with basil
Wild rice and quinoa salad with lemon and fennel
French style potato salad with mustard and parsley dressing

Apple cinnamon streusel cake with sea salt ice cream 

23rd April First Communion for 30 Guests

Spinach and feta filo parcels
Smoked salmon on brown bread with capers and lemon
Strawberry and brie crostini

Main Courses
Tuscan chicken with lemon, thyme and olives
Slow roasted brisket of beef with red wine sauce

Provençale tomatoes
Parmesan crusted pumpkin wedges
Char grilled broccoli with confit garlic
Pommes boulangérè
Garden salad

Flourless chocolate mousse cake
Lemon tart
Banoffi pie
Whipped mascarpone cream
Vanilla and orange blossom berry compote

Buffet lunch, 120 guests

Roast leg of Wicklow lamb with pomegranate and mint
Poached Clare Island organic salmon with chilli & garlic prawns
Tomato tart tatin

Roast butternut squash salad with burnt aubergine sauce
Petits pois and feta salad with honey mustard dressing
Beetroot and carrot slaw with ginger dressing, pecans and dill 
Potato salad with creme fraîche dressing
Green couscous with pistachios and cumin

DIY dessert bar
Raspberry meringue drops
Chocolate chip cookies
Sour cherry and almond biscuits
Vanilla icecream
Bailey's Toffee Sauce
Strawberries and passionfruit

Dropoff for 60 guests January

Lamb tagine
Vegetarian tagine
Celeriac and beetroot slaw
Roasted aubergine with saffron yoghurt and basil
Rosemary and garlic roast potatoes

Lemon meringue roulade
Sticky toffee pudding

Vegetarian Wedding, 180 Guests

Sharing plates of sherry roasted grapes, parmesan crips and spiced nuts
Sweet potato and chilli tartlet
Strawberry and brie crostini
Pitta chips with auberigne, hummus and pomegranate
Spinach and feta filo parcels
Beetroot Skewers, maple and chervil dressing

Sharing Salad Starter
Chargrilled broccoli with chilli and garlic
Butternut squash with sweet spices, tahini and lime
Watermelon and feta salad with black olives and parsley
Rainbow vegetable slaw, lemon yoghurt dressing
Marinated buffalo mozzarella

Main Course
Romano peppers stuffed with lentils and wild rice
Roasted Paris Brows mushrooms with herb ricotta and Comte
Steamed new potatoes, parsley and mint butter
Sauteed leeks and kale with petit pois and mint
Garden salad with toasted seeds, lemon and rapeseed oil dressing

Meringue tower with summer berries and vanilla cream

Midnight Snack
Dipping plate with flatbreads and sweet potato wedges
(Rocket pesto, butterbean hummus, beetroot and walnut dip, auberigne and tahini dip)

10th May First Communion lunch for 40 guests

Antipasti plate to share

Roast fillet of beef with red wine gravy, rocket and horseradish sauce
Pommes dauphinoise
Honey and thyme roasted root vegetables
Asparagus with hollandaise sauce
French beans and shallots

Triple layer heart shaped meringue tower
Vanilla and strawberry or chocolate and raspberry

Followed by an evening canapé reception for 40 guests

Balsamic and rosemary chicken skewers
Prawn cocktail filo cups
Roasted cherry tomato and goat's cheese tartlet
Honey and mustard cocktail sausages
Filo cigars with roasted aubergine, caramelized onion and pine nuts
Rare roast beef bruschetta with horseradish sauce

Mezze plates of sherry roasted grapes
Gruyere twists and rosemary spiced nuts

July, Buffet lunch for 100 guests

Seafood platter: chilli and garlic prawns, tarragon baked salmon, crab claws and muscles, red pepper salse
Roast striploin of beef, rocket and horseradish sauce
Crunchy slaw of red cabbage, root vegetables and radishes with yoghurt and herb dressing
Heritage tomato salad with fennel, cucumber and basil
Potato salad, créme fraîche, dill and red onion dressing
Multi seed soda bread
Sourdough baguette
Hazelnut and oat bread

Heart shaped meringue tower with mascarpone cream and summer berries
Lemon layer cake with lemon curs and buttercream
Yellow peaches, summer berry and orange blossom compote

October, Wedding for 100 guests

Cheese & Crackers: Gubbeen, Kileen goat gauda, apples, red wine poached pears, Sheridans crackers
Nuts & Crisps: Rosemary nuts, Parmesan shortbread, blue cheese shortbread, Sherry roasted grapes, vegetables crisps

Pumpkin soup

Baked fillet of salmon, red pepper and feta sauce
Roast peppered loin of beef, rocket and horseradish sauce
Spinach, feta and pine nut filo parcels
Autumn tabbouleh
Green coucous with pistachio and rocket
Beetroot, orange, walnut and watercress salad
Tomatoes stuffed with ratatouille
Steamed potatoes with herb butter
Broccoli, roasted tomatoes and caramelised onions

DIY Dessert Bar
Blackberry and apple 'crumble'
Vanilla iceream
Meringues: mint, orange blossom, raspberry, plain
Poached pears and roasted damsons
Dark chocolate brownies
Vanilla mascarpone cream

Sweet potato wedges
Sourdough Pizza
Butterbean and chickpea hummus with crudites

September, Wedding for 100 guests

Dressed crab on Melba toast
Brie and cranberry mini scones
Roast beef bruschetta, horseradish and rocket sauce
Honey and mustard cocktail sausages

Salad of warm crispy bacon, parmesan, baby leaves and apple balsamic dressing

Garden pea and mint soup

Roast striploin of beef, autumn spiced red cabbage
Baked fillet of hake with Salsa Verde
Gratin dauphinois
Honey and thyme roasted root vegetables

Chocolate and raspberry meringue tower with vanilla mascarpone cream

September, Wedding for 160 guests

Chorizo crouton with red pepper sauce
Chilli and garlic prawns with coriander and lime
Stilton cheese on herb shortbread with apricot pickle
Balsamic and rosemary chicken skewer with pesto

Antipasti Sharing Starter
Italian: Salami Milano, Parma ham, smoked scarmoza, buffalo mozzarella, grilled vegetables with olives, rocket and pistachio pesto
Irish: Spiced beef, herb baked ham, chicken and pork terrine, heirloom tomato salad, Gubbeen cheese, gooseberry chutney, red onion marmalade

Slow-roast shoulder of lamb with rosemary and garlic
Slow-cooked pork belly with pomegranate and cinnamon
Gratin dauphinois
Honey and thyme roasted root vegetables

Dark chocolate brownie with mascarpone cream, chocolate sauce and raspberries

March Wedding for 80 guests

Upon Arrival
Tea and coffee and biscuits (amaretti & rasin oatmeal)

Crackling with apple sauce
Cocktail sausages with honey
Saltfish fritters with plantain sauce
Smoked salmon and brown bread
Black pudding and pea
*Serve mojitos, sparkling elderflower, champagne & water

Roast Tomato tartlet, with mozzarella and basil & winter leaves
Petit pois and mint soup with cream

Slow roast lamb with rosemary & garlic
Stuffed loin of pork with crackling & apple sauce
Seasonal fish with salsa verde with hassleback potatoes (with extra crunchy bits)
Buttered leeks and kale

Dessert table
Chocolate meringue roulade
Bakewell tart
Carrot cake
Millionaire short bread
Elderflower marshmallows
Lemon genoese sponge, lemon curd, lemon buttercream
Jug of cream
(Aines's cake)
(Mummy's cake)
Tea, coffee & fresh mint tea

Evening Food
Curried goat
Fish & chips
Bacon & cabagge
Sheridan's cheese
Comte Extar Mature, Crozier Blue, Eppoisse, Gubbeen, Trishel Ash Crackers, celery, grapes

Day Two
Honey baked ham, mustard & chutney
Poached Clare Island salmon, herb yoghurt sauce
Baby spinach, petit pois & feta with honey mustard dressing
Coleslaw of winter vegetables with yoghurt lemon dressing
Potato salad with creme fraîche and dill dressing
Tossed salad

Gluten free brownies with vanilla icecream

August Wedding lunch for 120

Honey & mustard cocktail sausages
Saltfish fritters with plantain sauce
Mini croque monsieur
Chorizo sandwich with red pepper sauce
Caramelized red onion & feta tart
Irish sea crab with lemon & dill
Mini butternut squash risotto cakes
Balsamic & rosemary chicken skewers

Buffet Main Courses
Roast striploin of beef with horseradish & rocket sauce
Tomato, ricotta & almond tart
Roast aubergine with saffron yoghurt & pomegranate
Chargrilled broccoli with feta & heirloom tomatoes
Carrot & beetroot slaw with ginger dressing
French style potato salad
Mint & coriander couscous with pistachios & cumin

*Dessert buffet supplied by a friend of the couple

July Wedding for 120 in Ballybeg house

Day before

Breakfast basket for 5 people
Cullen's bacon, sausages & free range eggs
Fresh squeezed juice, Glenisk yoghurt, fruit salad
Cuinneog butter, homemade jam,
Kitchen & Larder homemade muffins, Granola & soda bread
Mccabe's Tea & coffee

Wedding Day, 120 guests

Perogies (Grandma's recipe)
Black pudding with apple sauce
Balsamic & rosemary chicken skewers
Gravadlax on star toast with chilli creme fraîche

Antipasti sharing plate, salami, parma ham, grilled summer vegetables, olives, pesto, mozarella

Chicken tarragon
Steamed new potatoes with herb butter
Buttered leeks and petit pois with baby spinach
Silent option of salmon
Children's mac & cheese

Banoffi pie

Midnight food

Egg salad sandwiches
Gouda, ham and cucumber
Smoked salmon and brown bread
Cocktail sausages

Barbecue - 75 guests
Homemade seef burgers
Potato salad with creme fraîche and dill dressing
Organic green salad with honey mustard dressing
Homemade tomato relish
Cheddar, Gubbeen
Caramelized onions, crispy bacon
Fresh tomato salsa

Fruit salad