Cooking Lessons

5 week vegan cooking course here in my kitchen


Ok, bear with me. Only a year ago I would have seen a title about vegan cooking lessons and immediately left this page. I started eating vegan at home over a year ago. I started as a joke. Never in a million million years would I have said I would one day be 90% vegan all the time. I’m a caterer, all I knew of vegans were notes on my to do list ‘NB, don’t forget 2x vegans attending’. Nightmare. 

Well, here we are. The joke stuck and I just never went back to how I ate before. I find it a really simple and straightforward way to feed myself, eat sensibly and feel quite a lot less powerless about my environmental impact. I still don’t consider myself ‘a vegan’ though. It’s a terrible word with too many negative associations. 


What you will learn on the course 

I always wanted to teach cooking lessons one day but I was never really motivated to get around to it until now. Since I love this way of eating so much I cannot wait to share it. I already started coming up with lesson ideas after just a few months because I think it is such a great thing to share with people. ‘Going vegan’ can sound so overwhelming and offputting but in reality it is so easy to incorporate more veggies, wholegrains and pulses in to everyday cooking. How far you take the idea is up to you.

The course I have written is 1 evening per week for 5 weeks. A 2 hour, hands on class for 4 students. Every week you will have food to take home after class plus some small homework assignments. 

  • Practical, easy and delicious recipes to incorporate more veggies, pulses and wholegrains in everyday cooking.
  • Recipes which keep well in the fridge and also freeze well 
  • Introduction to unfamiliar but readily available ingredients 
  • Focus on reducing food and packaging waste 
  • Sensible, delicious food, no miracle cures, green smoothies or weird and expensive ingredients 
  • Real cooking with real ingredients – no fake meats or overly processed ingredients
  • Cooking skills and techniques to improve everything you ever cook
  • Students encouraged to take the opportunity to ask all their burning (pun intended?!!) questions about cooking, ingredients and kitchen equipment to improve their kitchen confidence. 

Recipes in the cooking lessons:

Carrot and apple breakfast muffins

Black bean and walnut ‘meatballs’

Spiced red lentil and coconut soup

Previous students have said:

“Ella tricked me into coming to her trial lesson!! I didn’t know it would be a vegan cooking lesson. I was completely skeptical to start with but I loved the class. Everything was delicious and really easy to make. The best part is the recipes are so good to freeze or make extra for lunch. I still make them all the time!” Jen Diamond, waitress and friend. 

First start date for 5 week course is Tuesday 21st January 2020. Just 4 places per course! 

I am still working on the booking form below – Please don’t use it yet. In the meantime please call or email if you are interested 0879013505 Contact Form